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Sensor Solutions
  • Photoelectric Sensors

    1. Diffuse Sensor
    • Based on the triangulation principle
    • Transmitter and receiver in one device
    • Evaluation of the angle of incidence of the light
    • Detection regardless of the object color, surface or background
    2. Retro-reflective Sensor
    • Beam interruption between the sensor and the reflector
    • Transmitter and receiver in one device
    • Detection regardless of the object color or surface
    • Detection of glossy and reflective objects thanks to polarization filter
    3. Through-beam Sensor
    • Beam interruption between the transmitter and the receiver
    • Detection of objects over long distances
    • Transmitter and receiver in one device

    Photoelectric Sensors
  • Inductive Proximity Sensors

    (Due to their reliability and efficiency, inductive proximity switches are used whenever a metal object has to be detected within just a few millimeters)

  • Capacitive Sensors

    (The capacitive sensor basically functions like an open capacitor. An electrical field is formed between the measuring electrode and the GND electrode. If a material with a dielectric constant er greater than air enters the electrical field, the capacity of the field increases depending on the er of this material. The electronics measure this capacity increase, the generated signal is conditioned during subsequent signal processing and causes output switching at a corresponding magnitude)

  • Ultrasonic Sensors

    (Ultrasonic sensors are based on the measured propagation time of the ultrasonic signal. They emit high-frequency sound waves which reflect on an object. The objects to be detected may be solid, liquid, granular or in powder form. Ultrasonic sensors reliably detect transparent and other demanding objects where optical technologies fail.)

  • Magnetic Sensors

    (The magneto-resistive element is made of a special material which only reacts to magnetic fields, for example a permanent magnet, and provides a digital signal at the output. Detecting even very weak magnetic fields, the magneto-resistive element is approximately ten times more sensitive than a Hall element which enables a large switching distance. Magnetic proximity switches are omni-polar, meaning both North and South pole are being detected.)

  • Fiber-Optic Sensors

    (The high-resolution analog-to-digital conversion in fiber optic sensors captures even very minor changes. This is important when it comes to detecting very small objects or differentiating between very fine contrasts. In general, fiber optic cables are used in conjunction with the appropriate evaluation unit and for object detecion the type of fiber optic cable is decisive)

  • Industrial cameras & vision sensors

    (Modern image processing faces the challenge of successfully completing complex inspection tasks at top speed. Choosing to use Baumer vision components is the most important step on the way to a reliable solution. Our high-performance product portfolio - from cameras to vision sensors - with sensor resolution from VGA up to 48 megapixel, always offer exactly the right components for a wide range of applications.)

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